Stephen Fry reading "The Letter"

Just look what I found on YouTube. It's a baby Stephen Fry. What joy!

Some of my favorite lines:

I tipped the delivery boy out of the window with more than ordinary generosity.

Prudence had demanded that I leave her behind, so I was alone.

Of all the hideously disfigured spectacles I have ever beheld, those perched on the end of this man's nose remained forever pasted in the album of my memory.

Walking with a pronounced limp -- L-I-M-P, pronounced "limp."

And my favorite:

I asked him the nature of the Count's business but he made the sign of the cross and said nothing. I asked him why there were no mirrors in the castle, but this time he made the sign of the very cross indeed and spat.


In stuck chins

My daughter is in Grade 2. Today I see that she's written this in her notebook:

In stuck chins for cheese pizza
1. Make the doe
2. Put it in a cercle shape
3. Put the soss on
4. Put the cheese on
5. Put in the oven

Does technical writing run in the family?
I used to write in stuck chins all day long.


Floral delivery

Someone died on my street last year. I saw the makeshift shrine appear on the telephone pole the day after the car accident: flowers, photos, messages, a cross. Over the next couple of weeks the flowers died and the photos became water-stained. One day, as I waited at a bus stop across the street, I saw a Volkswagen beetle with a florist's logo pull up beside the telephone pole. The driver got out with a delivery of fresh flowers. I saw him stop and look at the address on the label, then at the telephone pole, and again at the label. He'd been asked to deliver flowers to a telephone pole.