Rat fricassee

My family and I just had a lovely visit with our friends Mich and Pete and their two darling daughters. The kids spent a lot of time playing make-believe. One of the games that I think my 7-year-old came up with, bless her, had the kids piling the rat toys that M&P have lying around (I'm just going to let that go without much comment, but yes, rat toys plural) into a large cast-iron frying pan. This reminded Pete, and Pete reminded me, of this:

Blackadder: [suspicious] What's on the menu?
Baldrick: Rat. [shows him a big black rat] Saute or fricassee.
Blackadder: [peers at the rat] Oh, the agony of choice. Saute involves...?
Baldrick: Well, you take the freshly shaved rat, and you marinade it in a puddle for a while.
Blackadder: Hmm, for how long?
Baldrick: Until it's drowned. Then you stretch it out under a hot light bulb, then you get within dashing distance of the latrine, and then you scoff it right down.
Blackadder: So that's sauteing. And fricasseeing?
Baldrick: Exactly the same, just a slightly bigger rat.

Black Adder IV, Episode 1 (Captain Cook)


Mark Hanington said...

Rat toys. Interesting...

Mark Hanington said...

What happened to the stuffed baby harp seals I gave them?

fiona-h said...

It's Sophie's favorite toy (other than Susan)... no fricassee

uni-na said...

mama! thats silly