Creation "Science" in Alberta

Did you know that we have a shiny new creationism museum in Canada? It's called the Big Valley Creation [ahem] "Science" Museum (the derisive quotes and sarcastic throat clearing are mine all mine) and it's in Alberta. Apparently the owner was prepared for demonstrators to interfere the ribbon-cutting ceremonies, as they did when a similar museum opened in Kentucky, but no. Twenty people came to watch the event (I think the local bowling alley was having its lanes waxed so folks needed something to do), and they were polite. This is Canada, after all.

The Canadian media didn't bring this news to me—I found it on the Friendly Atheist's site.

P.S.: Ooh! Ooh! So excited! Bought the Hitchens book today! Will tell you how is soon.


richard said...

Poor Harry Nibourg :-)

And if it makes you feel any better, Big Valley is some distance away from either of Alberta's big cities, and it's not far from a museum that kicks its creationist butt all over the province: the Royal Tyrrell, in Drumheller, which is stuffed full of dinosaurs and whose website mentions the word "creation" four times, none of them questionably. (I checked.)

Callie said...

HI Fiona!

just thought i'd say hi, that's all!

Mr. Kite said...

Creation science = ultimate oxymorons!

Anonymous said...

Hello Fiona,

And I live in Alberta :-)!! This was front page news in the National Post a few days ago. It's actually much ado about nothing : the "museum" in Alberta is one gentleman's $300,000 investment and housed in his own basement or something while the place in Kentucky is a $27 million 60,000 sqft mega-complex developed by some well organized folks (churches?).