Thanks to Jeff for passing on a link to this post:


Read it and smile. But then ask yourself: who are these midwestern police officers who remove atheists from movie theatre line ups?


richard said...

Heavens, that's funny! (Except for the mobbing, on any side of any issue ever. Over a thousand comments? Sounds a bit like an echo chamber to me....)

I finished The God Delusion the other day, belatedly. Good stuff, but I'm not sure why I should get excited about it, which is why I've been delaying the review. Book club on Thursday should spark me to something!

richard said...

Now, I KNOW I commented on this yesterday, to the effect of having just finished reading Dawkins' God Delusion and not knowing what all the fuss was about.... If you just haven't approved that one yet, don't approve this one!

fiona-h said...

sorry - I don't check ye ol' blogger every day!

richard said...

Since I don't use moderation, I don't know the process - I naively assumed Blogger would email you a pending comment. Thought maybe you were off to California!

richard said...

What, no comment on my brief Dawkins review? Tell me why I should have enjoyed it more!

Darren said...

A great and mighty LOL at this story. No, can't let that PZ Myers chap into the theater, he's dangerous. Who's that grey haired English chap with him? Looks harmless enough.

Prohibiting an evolutionist from seeing a movie which is ostensibly about scientific censorship... wow. OK, I have to stop here. My doctor says I am limited to consuming 5000 IU of Irony per day.