T-Rex is damn sexy!

Surely you agree! Enjoy more of his awesome exploits at qwantz.com.


richard said...

Whoa, 1:14 a.m. - living like me now.

I actually prefer xkcd, though I do admit the brilliance of the dinosaurs. (Cool example of iterability!)

In related news, all the cartoons on my office door got removed and thrown out this week by facilities management, though, because (as they also said in February) the doors "might get painted in the next few weeks." I'm trying to remember them all, but there were a few xkcd's in the bunch, and some from Partially Clips.

Mr. Kite said...

That T-Rex is one hip dino!

I'd be willing to bet that the dinosaurs had hip hop 65 million years ago, and it too was wiped out with the dinosaurs by the giant comet slamming into the Earth. I find it interesting that it took 65 million years for us puny mammals to revive hip hop.