Remember when I got all excited about the iBelieve?

Well, the Christian techies are at it again. Check this out: GodTube ("Broadcast Him"), a video social networking site that sounds like a cross between YouTube and Facebook.

It's described here as "The fastest growing Internet site in the US" with a growth rate of 973 percent in the single month since its launch. The same article tells us this about the site:

One of the hottest and "most viewed" videos on the site's home page is called "Rapture – End of Times". It depicts recent world events as a prelude to the second coming of Jesus Christ at which time only the faithful will accompany the saviour to heaven (in the video they disappear into thin air during an Adobe Flash of lightning*) leaving the sinners and non-believers behind in a hell on earth of their own making.

* LOVE that: Adobe Flash of lightening. Why can't I think up these gems?


pops said...

I can't wait for them to leave.

Darren said...

Another site for the Jesus Freak echo chamber, I guess, though I'd say that current goings on in the economic world are indeed signs of the End Times. If the Rapture doesn't happen soon I don't think it's gonna. Yes, things will soon be That Interesting (ie Bad, especially in the US) in my view.

I did a blog today! Here in Ontario there is a candidate who wants to dramatically expand the faith-based school system in the province (there are already Catholic schools here). Needless to say, this is a Really Dumb Idea IMHO, so I wrote on it, which ended up turning into a big rambly thing about school and values and control over education and secularism that fades into vague scribblings and mutterings at the end.. but I published it anyway. I'll fix it later, I think the core of something really interesting is there.

Darren said...

That whole article is filled with zingers.... "The Deus very much ex machina at GodTube is Limelight Networks...." Brilliant stuff.

Mark Hanington said...

So I watched the video. I found it very convincing and persuasive and I can't see why you object to it.

Wouldn't it be fun to see the same film from the other perspective, when all the people who vanished suddenly find themselves subjected to anal probes and what-not.