What do you get when you cut an earthworm in half?

Did YOU think the answer was "two earthworms"?

Sadly, no.

Turns out that the lengthy Death Spasm of the earthworm outlasts the attention span of small children.


You: "Hey! Two earthworms. Cool!"

You: "Hey! Dirt! Cool!"
You: "Hey! Isn't that Jacques Cousteau?! Cool!"
You: "Hey! Ice cream! Cool!"



Fact courtesy of Q.I.
Q.I. courtesy of Richard.
Jacques Cousteau distraction courtesy of Scott.


richard said...

Have you really been watching QI? If so, cool, and good for you! I've only made it through about one and a half episodes, cobbled together from online sources....

fiona-h said...

Yes - me too! watching now and then on youtube. I really like it.

richard said...

Oh, it's on the tube, too? Nice - I'll go distract myself tomorrow.

Mr. Kite said...

QI? Is that a Canadian thing?

So, are you saying that it's an old wives tale that cutting an earthworm into two causes the two peices to grow into two full earthworms? Then someone lied to me when I was just a small kid.

fiona-h said...

me too!

(QI is a British game show)

Zootenany Hoodlum said...

you mean....
there aren't two earthworms?
when I read your note I thought you just meant it took a while for earth worm to, um, you know, suffer before discovering it now had a friend.

yay! a friend!! That is WAY better than


richard said...

Another comment may have vanished, Fiona - no need to post this one if it's just in the queue still. Anyway, a quick Google search tells me that some species of earthworms actually can regenerate after being split in two. Not many, but a few!