More Pundles

Here are some more pundles*; good luck!

o er t o


k k
c c
u u
t t
s s
word word word word

* Acnowledgements to http://www.billsgames.com/. No peeking though. You know I hate that.


richard said...

I can't get #1 - but "red in the face" and "stuck on words"!

But I'll keep working on it....

fiona-h said...

You're right with "red in the face". Not *quite* right (but close) with the second one. Keep working on #1.

Mr. Kite said...

Could it be "stuck up on words"? I don't know, that phrase doesn't make sense to me.

Number 1 is tough!

fiona-h said...

here's a clue for #3: count the number of "word"s

Mr. Kite said...

How about "too stuck up for words"?

Mr. Kite said...

I think I solved #1. Is it "painless operation"?

fiona-h said...

oh mr kite! good for YOU.

Anonymous said...

Is the answer for number three "stuck up and forward"?

fiona-h said...

It's "too stuck up for words"